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How to recover deleted files from Android, HTC and Samsung on Mac

Q1: I deleted pictures from Android phone by mistake. How can I get the deleted photos back?
Q2: My Android phone SD card got formatted by virus, how to recover the deleted data from my Android SD card?

As the most prevailing mobile phone OS, Android makes our life more convenient and colorful. The OS is under continuous upgrade, and the newest Android Jelly Bean (Android 4.2) improves on the speed and simplicity of Android 4.1 and includes all new features – Photo Sphere and a completely redesigned camera app, along with the new Gesture Typing keyboard, dazzling enough to make it the most popular phone.

But just like these questions above, data loss for our Android phone happens every day and I guess there are many people thinking very hard to find a way for Android data recovery, HTC recovery, Motorola recovery, etc. and dreaming of getting back important music, photos, documents, videos and so force from their Android phone. Perhaps the best way to recover deleted or lost data from Android is to find a Android recovery software.

How to recover deleted picture from Android Phone

The best way to recover deleted files from HTC Android phone is to use the Android recovery software. Stop using your mobile phone device. If you plan to recover any files, you got to make sure you don't over write anything, because the more you write data the less likely you'll be able to retrieve lost files on Android OS. Next is a step by step tutorials about how to get deleted data back from smart phone with Android recovery program, this tutorials can be used for HTC, Android, Samsung Galaxy and others smart phone.

Step1. Free download and install the iBacksoft Recover Data for Mac on computer.
Step2. Connect memory card to computer with a card reader or connect your phone to computer directly via USB cable, and run data recovery tool.
Step3.Choose a data recovery mode, click your memory card name from "my computer" and then start scanning.
Step4. All lost files are listed now, just choose files you need and click "Recovery" button to recover them all.

This mobile phone data recovery solution can be used to recover deleted music, vides, pictures, images, and other documents from all smart phones like Android, HTC, Samsung, and Nokia, etc. So if you deleted/lost files on Nokia or Samsung Galaxy, you may use the same way to get your lost picture files back from both Windows and Mac.


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