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How to recover deleted pictures and photos from Digital Camera on Mac

Pictures stored on digital camera are easy to lose, this results in tragedy when the copy is lost or damaged and cannot be read. If you delete some precious photos by mistake from your digital camera SD card, still think there is no way to get them back? It is sure you can get deleted pictures back from digital camera SD card easily. In this article, we will talk about how to recover deleted files from digital camera SD card on Mac.

Then I will give you reason that why you can get deleted picture back from digital camera. A single delete command won't make photos erased permanently from camera SD card. Those lost photos are still intact there on digital camera just marked as free space to be overwritten. If you keep taking more photos, the new photos may occupy the space where your precious deleted photos stored. Once overwritten, it's impossible to recover deleted pictures after deleting on your camera.

How To Recover Deleted Pictures from Digital Camera SD Card on Mac?

The easiest way to recover deleted photos from digital camera SD card is to try iBacksoft Recover Photo for Mac. It supports to recover deleted pictures, music, videos, and other documents from memory card, memory stick, SD card, CF card, xD picture card, MMC card, flash card, USB flash drive, etc. It supports all multimedia file format such as: JPG, JPEG, TIF, GIF, AVI, MPG, MOV, MPEG, MP4, WMV, WAV, AMR, etc. This professional digital camera photo recovery tool can recover deleted pictures from all camera brands, for example, Nikon, Canon, Kodak, FujiFilm, Casio, Olympus, Sony, Samsung, and Panasonic. Moreover, it supports to recover pictures from all kinds of card brands like SanDisk, Kingston, KingMax, Sony, Lexar, PNY, PQI, and Toshiba. Here is the simple tutorial about how to recover deleted pictures from digital camera step by step.

Step1. Choose "Photo Recovery" mode to scan your camera SD card to seek deleted photos.
Step2. Preview the deleted photos.
Step3. Recover the deleted photos easily and save them to another drive in case overwrite original data.


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